Friday, March 27, 2009


wooo. at last!! i have my own blog site. since it's already summer, i decided to make a blog site for me to express my feelings and thoughts and to have more KAIBIGANZ out there.

  • Where did KAIBIGANZWORLD originated??
I thought of names that will reflect ME as a person. since i am a friendly person or palakaibigan(in tagalog), i consider it to be my blog name. also, i am a true blood and a proudly FILPINO so i believe that kaibiganzworld will be the best name for my blog site. I also believe that this blog site will be the home or the world of the bloggers and readers out there.

  • What do you mean by KAIBIGAN??
For those of you who doesn't know what is a KAIBIGAN, I will give you its meaning.

"KAIBIGAN(read as it is) translates to friend in Tagalog so in the spirit of friendship; companion; pal or comrade."

  • What should you expect in this blog site??
Well. I believe in the saying "Expect the UNEXPECTED". so just be ready for the hella fun!!

  • Rules of the KAIBIGANZWORLD
There is no rule in this blog site!! you can express and say whatever you want. You can contradict me. but please, don't use FOUL WORDS.

Well. I think i've said what i want to say, so for now, PAALAM:) i also need to eat because it's lunch time here:)

Be ready to expect the unexpected:) watch out for my FUTURE blog entries:) haha.xd :|

enjoy reading and please leave comments!!

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