Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kaibiganz out there!! can you feel that it's already summer?? well. me?? i can really feel it!! not only it's hot but i have nothing to do at home!! HELLA boooring. :cc but it's better than doing paperworks and projects. haha.xd :|

Since it's summer, I made a list of DO's and DON'Ts this summer!! so here it goes:

1. Do a general cleaning of your house/room- since you are finished another year of school, you should put your old notebooks, books, paper works, scratch papers, etc. into the trash can. you will start another year again and you won't need that any more(except for some books). My mother doesn't want me to throw all my notebooks, quizzes and paper works because "my teacher" might get it. hello?? it's already cards out day. why will they still get it from me?? haha.xd :| also, some are busy for the whole year. so it is your time to clean up the trash that you put for the year(unless you are a good kid, you always clean up your house. :) )

2. Do get outdoors as much as possible- summer is time to party!! haha.xd :| you can do whatever you want!! it's a vacation for the student's hardship for studies. i know some of our kaibiganz out there cannot go to mall every weekend because they are studying. some cannot go with a date because he/she has a project to finish. hauxt. how bad. :cc so it's your time to party!! feel the fresh air outside that you missed the whole year. haha.xd :|

3. Do visit
your relatives- every summer, we have our family reunion(even if our houses are near from each other). our houses are close to each other but we are all busy during school days so we don't have time to bond. and summer is our time for fun!! sometimes, me and my cousins play at our backyard(don't ask what are we playing. haha.xd :|). or sometimes, we made a movie or a mtv and we will show it to our titas. i really enjoy summer with them.xd :|

4. Don't spend your vacation watching TVs and playing online games- i know i've said that you can do whatever you want to do. but don't waste your time staying at home, there are many things you can do rather than playing and watching. sitting for about 4 hours a day can make you really. really fat. haha.xd (OMG!! )

5. Don't forget to pack your cameras and cellphones- if you are a photoholic person(like me.xd :|) don't forget to bring your cameras or phones when you have an outing. you will miss the fun of taking pictures. also, you have a proof that you really went on that place.xd :|

6. Do a makeover- for some of you who really want to lose weight and be beautiful or handsome, it your time to outshine!! in my experience, i decided to have my body fit when it is summer. for those of you who doesn't know, i weigh 220 pound before. and now?? 130 pounds.xd haha.xd :| a really impressive output. haha.xd (for those of you who wants to know my secret in losing weight, just wait and i'll put a blog about it.xd :|) back to the topic. make your classmates envy. be confident and don't lose hope that you will be beautiful/handsome soon!!

7. Do make an album to record your summer memories- i know some of you are scrapbook addicts. it's your time to make it. be creative and you can put whatever you want in the scrapbook. it is also fun making a scrapbook because you can reminisce what happened in your summer vacation.

8. Don't waste you summer vacation- go on a swimming lesson, voice lesson, piano lesson, guitar lesson, Taekwondo, etc. don't just waste your time doing nothing. ask your parents if you can enroll on workshops. me?? my mother asks me if i want to go and have a lesson about computers at informatics. i really love computer!! but i am not yet sure if i will accept that because i have many things to do. haha.xd :|

9. Do wear summer clothes- be fashionable!! don't wear dark clothes 'coz it can add up more heat in your body. wear clothes that you will feel comfortable. also, check out your hairstyle. it's hot so usually the hairstyle is short or for boys. semi kal!!(a Tagalog term for semi bald. haha.xd :|)

10. Be ready to tell your summer memories in class- i am really bored when the teacher always asks us about what happened to us last summer vacation. so last year, i made an essay telling about what happened to me(take note: before the school year starts). i am really good and our teacher asks us to make an essay telling about what happened to our vacation. it is our Filipino subject and i made a english essay so i just translate it in Tagalog. haha.xd

So kaibiganz, do you agree?? disagree?? any violent reactions about my blog?? haha.xd :| feel free to write comment!!


  1. Isa pang do's e yng mgpatuli sa summer. LOL

  2. haha.xd :| natawa nmn ako dun.xd :| oo nga pla!! gud lack sa mgpa22li dis year.xd :|